behavr is the first full-service market research solution tapping into the vast potential of virtual reality technology for generating truly immersive consumer insights.

behavr is a joint venture by the german digital media agency pilot and the software company VIRAO



Immersive worlds through cutting-edge technology

Visit virtual worlds and collect immersive experiences - behavr is using HTC´s virtual reality technology - Learn more

Use a fully immersive virtual reality to manipulate and test:


With virtual reality technology a new dimension of consumer research allows to walk in the shoes of your target group when evaluating one of your brand's most tangible marketing touchpoints: the retail experience.


Why behavr?


Current market research approaches for driving product or retail focused marketing decisions imply a trade-off between flexibility vs. realism of the research design.

Moreover, traditional market research heavily relies on consumers´ reflected and rationalized self-reports via questionnaires - often underestimating actual, unreflected consumer behavior. There is a strong need for a new approach overcoming the drawbacks of traditional market research and occupying the sweet spot between research flexibility and realism.


Manipulate shopping context variables


Take advantage of a most flexible yet highly immersive approach to experiment with your brand's retail experience. Challenge your creative talent and deep dive into your consumers' point of view.


behavr software specification


The software offers an intuitive user interface to answer our clients´ key questions and to gain useful user insights. From heatmap to video output, behavr delivers all required insighst from just one platform.



heatmaps (based on head movement)


Export single heatmaps and learn your costumers´ behavior from single or accumalted heatmaps. The behavr software tool also let´s you categorize different sessions, to match different groups and heatmaps.

behavr key functions

Data usage and output


Single and individually accumulated heatmaps | Single heatmaps with background images | Heatmap output in different formats | User behavior video output | • Virtual Reality heatmap scene walkthrough


Analysing and insights


Accumulated heatmaps of behavr research sessions

• Tracking of head movement (eye tracking will arrive in 2017) | • Video and image output (bottom, sides and top - accumulated or single) | • For relevant subsamples (gender, age, brand usage, etc.) | • Product tracking with virtual shopping baskets

Accompanying questionnaires

• Comparing brand image pre and post Virtual Reality sessions | • Explicit recall of simulated in store activities | • Verbal elaboration on shopping experience


Start the video to watch the behavr sneak preview


You bring the expertise and the creative ideas to make a difference in your brand's category. We bring the latest technology, the operative momentum, and a sharp analytical mindset to get you moving forward.

A full-service research project includes:


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